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An ageing population and funding challenges have placed social care providers under pressure to deliver the required care for its residents.

The rising cost of care delivery is forcing providers to embrace Technology Enabled Care, however, with existing highly fragmented market solutions care providers have no choice but to prioritise procurement of only key affordable modules.

As a result, in early 2019, PredicAire’s founders identified the need for a holistic software system in the care sector, which saw the birth of PredicAire - the first comprehensive care management system fully powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Older resident and carer

Delivering Better Care | Better Outcomes is at the heart of PredicAire’s solution, overcoming the challenges and frustrations experienced by users and providers of care:

  • Reactive based care delivery
  • Lack of a single sign on solution housed within a single data architecture
  • Large amounts of time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Paper-based systems, which can lead to reporting and recording errors as well as significant time spent on administration
  • Inaccurate or incomplete information shared with medical professionals
  • Lack of effective communication between care providers and residents’ families, unless they are visiting

For recipients of care and their families these frustrations can be related to a lack of regular communication, be this general conversations or more specific proactive information regarding health, wellbeing and nutrition.  Care providers face challenges in obtaining relevant data about their residents and staff, and trying to synchronise their information streams so that they work together.

All in one place

Experience and Technology

PredicAire’s founders have experienced both sides of care provision and use their knowledge to inform and test the features of PredicAire, which will ensure better outcomes for everyone. They have significant experience in data science and a thorough understanding of how structured data can provide meaningful insights. The core team also includes senior experienced managers, nurses, team leaders and carers ensuring a user friendly and effective care delivery solution.

PredicAire’s technology ensures that the whole care family has a personal experience, from the resident and their loved ones, to care and nursing staff, kitchen staff, housekeeping and maintenance, NHS practitioners, and care home owners.

Joined up Thinking

A care home has many departments under one umbrella so it is only right that they should also be integrated within one care management solution

Introducing PredicAire, the first holistic care management system powered by Ai. PredicAire uses Ai technology to give care providers meaningful real-time data on their residents’ health and wellbeing and enable them to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes.

PredicAire is a seamless single sign on cloud-based system, which gives everything care providers need in one place without the need to purchase additional products. It is available on multiple platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile devices, which allows the specific user to have the right tools at their fingertips to feel empowered to provide enhanced care.

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