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Care Plans


Better Care | Better Outcomes

Our care planning system provides a seamless digital solution. Not only does this mean an end to hours searching for the relevant document, it also means that it will be easy to spot trends and detect anomalies in a resident’s health. This will ensure residents have better health outcomes and more time with the care staff, who in turn will spend less time on administration!


Better Analytics | Better Outcomes

Named after Florence Nightingale in the 200th year since her birth, ‘FLO’ is truly care re-imagined in the digital age. Our system offers intuitive point-of-service care and monitors residents’ vital signs, so that anomalies can be detected and appropriate early intervention swiftly taken to predict or prevent avoidable consequences.

FLO is central in identifying health and nutritional needs to deliver person-centred care.

Flo - Our Virtual Nurse
Quality Assurance


Better Evidence | Better Outcomes

Our Quality Assurance module will always help your service to be inspection-ready, as you will find everything you need for CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs). Health and Safety reports, evidence of maintenance checks, details of infection control, and key management reports are all stored in one place, ready for your next PIR.


Better Connections | Better Outcomes

COVID-19 has shown more than ever that families who cannot be together need to stay connected. Our ‘Family’ module was developed before the pandemic, because from our own experience we knew the value of communication to both the resident and their loved ones.

This module allows residents and families to share photos and videos, and keep families up to date with the latest information about their loved one – whether this is a message about their activities, or a note about their health, they’ll have peace of mind that you are providing the best care.



Better Nutrition | Better Outcomes

Food and dining are always high on the agenda both for residents and their families, and are a key component of CQC inspections.

Our ‘Kitchen’ module promotes choice and person-centred menu planning, building on the findings recorded in the ‘FLO’ module. By recording changes to a resident’s choices and nutrition, you’ll be able to instantly identify possible risks to their health and take appropriate action.


Better Wellbeing | Better Outcomes

Activities play a major part in the life of a care home and the wellbeing of residents. Our ‘Activities’ module will help your Activities Co-ordinator to plan person-centred pastimes to engage and stimulate residents, as well as plan activities for your entire home.

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Staff Management


Better People | Better Outcomes

Move away from paper processes and improve staff management data with a comprehensive cloud based solution. Streamline your business processes with digital timesheets, staff rostering, dependency tools, dynamic training matrix, absence management, appraisals, and more! Get this right and you will enjoy the benefits of experience and longevity in your team.


Better Insights | Better Outcomes

Dashboards tailored for the needs of nursing and management staff gives streamlined, relevant information in real time.

This module includes policies and procedures, finance, and an electronic sign-in/out system for visitors.



Better Checks | Better Outcomes

A platform to achieve clear and simple maintenance management for your properties. We help you digitise your entire facilities, automating work order management, enabling planned preventative maintenance of your assets, and tracking inventory. Additionally, it provides reports and analytics, and which your team can act promptly to deliver productivity gains and efficiency bliss.

eMAR - coming soon

Better Tracking | Better Outcomes

Errors in medication recording are a common issue when a service is being inspected. This is completely avoidable and can have a direct effect on the service’s rating against the ‘Safe’ KLOE, so it is important to get it right.

Electronic Medication Administration Recording (EMAR) means that mistakes are less likely to occur, and the module blends seamlessly with ‘FLO’ – so if a resident’s medication requires review, it will be noticed quickly.


ACCOUNTS - coming soon

Better Business | Better Outcomes

Accounting is often seen as a separate function to payroll, kitchen, and other expenses; when of course they should all be considered together! Our Accounting module makes this possible, providing seamless management of invoicing and late payment reminders, petty cash, and residents’ money; and integrating effortlessly with payroll packages. Keep your CFO happy!

NHS CONNECT - coming soon

Issues with newly-admitted residents often arise because of incomplete information received from the hospital or GP. This module removes the problems, seamlessly integrating with NHS records so that your service will have all the information required to provide safe and effective care.

NHS Connect
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