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PredicAire delighted to be part of the SAICP Conference

In October we exhibited at the Suffolk Association of Independent Care Providers (SAICP) conference. During the conference we engaged with care professionals from across the region, and it was great to connect with them and share ideas.

Amongst the distinguished speakers during the day was Ian Turner, Executive Chairman of the Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA). He spoke at length on digital technology, and how providers needed to incorporate its use into their delivery of care. He encouraged care providers to contact their local Integrated Care System (ICS) for guidance on the technology solutions available.

We are grateful to SAICP for the opportunity to exhibit at this event and look forward to participating again in the future.  

The Care Show, 12th-13th October 2022

This month we attended the Care Show at the NEC Birmingham, for the first time taking part as an exhibitor.

Over 3,500 care professionals came through the doors over the 2 days of the show, and the PredicAire team engaged with a significant number of individuals, (both paper based and those who had already adopted digital tools), who were interested in using PredicAire in their care home. We also spoke with colleagues who are interested in collaborating with us on various projects, and are looking forward to progressing discussions with them.

As you would expect, our key area of interest was care technology and in particular the talks taking place on the Technology Stage. The broad range of subjects on day 1 included reducing the costs of care delivery; building an ecosystem; the role of standards; and whether technology can turn the staffing crisis into an opportunity; whilst on day 2 the topics included how data can change lives, and how insights improve care quality.

As the first holistic care management system which uses a single sign-on ecosystem and artificial intelligence (AI), these topics were perfectly aligned with our offering. We know that a single sign-on system prevents errors and saves staff time, which they can then spend with residents. We also understand the possibilities of using AI to produce better data, leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders.

On the second day of the show one of our founders, Ketan Shah, was interview by York Woodford-Smith for Five on a Bike’s YouTube channel. Ketan explained the origins and future of PredicAire, and supported the topics covered on the Technology Stage when he noted that, “People are digitizing workflows, but that's not where it should need to think about the mix of data".

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PredicAire is a Founding Member of The Care Workers’ Charity £500 Challenge

PredicAire is proud to be a Founding Member of the £500 Challenge – a fundraising campaign launched by The Care Workers’ Charity encouraging businesses across the adult social care sector to commit to an annual donation of £500, the same as an average grant they award to a care worker experiencing financial hardship.

Social care is experiencing a workforce crisis, and it is important now more than ever that organisations in the sector come together to recognise the immense value and tireless contributions of care workers across the UK in helping services to stay open. PredicAire is contributing to this worthwhile cause to ensure that there is a helping hand for care workers in these difficult times.

By signing up as a Founding Member, PredicAire hopes to encourage other organisations to sign up themselves. The Care Workers’ Charity is experiencing high demand for their services - since 2020 they have made over 6000 grants to care workers in crisis. If one in ten organisations providing and organising care in the UK accepted the £500 Challenge, they could raise £2.5 million per year to support care workers.

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity said:

“We are extremely grateful to PredicAire who have signed up as a Founding Member of our £500 Challenge. Every organisation who signs up and spreads the word is making it more likely that our charity can support care workers across the UK, providing the right support when it is needed most. We hope to sign up hundreds of businesses, ensuring that we have the funds we need to continue providing essential grants and mental health support in the years to come.”

Ketan Shah, Managing Director of PredicAire said:

“PredicAire is delighted to be a Founding Member of the £500 Challenge. Many thousands of vulnerable people rely on our care workers every day, and by committing to this donation we are showing them that their efforts and dedication are appreciated.”

The founders of PredicAire urge organisations working in adult social care to accept this challenge and show that they really care about supporting the people who make up our essential workforce. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that care workers are supported to stay in their jobs and have a place to go in times of crisis.

Please donate what you can by following this link to The Care Workers’ Charity website: 

PredicAire is an Awards Finalist for the third time in 2022

For the third time this year, PredicAire has been announced as a finalist at a prestigious Awards programme.

We have now reached the finals of the Social Care Premier Supplier Awards in the ‘Technology (care home)’ category, and our founders are preparing to attend the Awards ceremony next month. They attended the Health Investor Awards 2022 as a finalist in the ‘IT Innovator of the Year’ category earlier this year, and will also attend the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards in November as a finalist in the ‘Eagle Labs Innovation Award’ category.

In addition to these accolades one of PredicAire’s Founders, Vinay Patel, was named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech for 2021 and has just been named in the same list for 2022.

Ketan Shah, Founder and Managing Director of PredicAire, said, “PredicAire’s journey goes from strength to strength and we are receiving incredible support from the social care community, for which we are very grateful.  We are delighted that our efforts are being recognised not only by this community, but by the organisers of Awards programmes such as the Social Care Premier Supplier Awards."

PredicAire is a Finalist in the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2022

The founders of PredicAire are delighted to announce that we are a Finalist in the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards in the ‘Eagle Labs Innovation Award’ category.

In February PredicAire was a finalist in the ‘IT Innovator of the Year’ category at the Health Investor Awards 2022, and we are hoping to go one better this time and win the Award. We will attend the Awards Ceremony on 3rd November at the Science Museum in London.

This is the fourth accolade which PredicAire has received since its launch as one of our founders, Vinay Patel, was named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech for 2021 and has just been named in the same list for 2022.

Ketan Shah, Founder and Managing Director of PredicAire, said, “PredicAire has been several years in the making, from our initial idea to bringing the product to market. We are thrilled and honoured that our efforts are being recognised by the organisers of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards, and our journey is getting incredible support from the social care community."

Our take on the UK Care Week 6-7 July 2022

Earlier this month the PredicAire founders headed to the NEC Birmingham for a two-day exhibition which formed part of UK Care Week. In the build up to the UK Care Week, we also wrote about ‘Going Digital in Your Care Setting’.

One of the five speaking stages (and the one which we were most interested in) was ‘Digital Transformation and Technology in Care’ which, as regular readers of our Insights will know, is a subject we have written about many times. Over the two days, a variety of speakers examined how social care businesses could use technology to implement a more sustainable business model and further their growth; and also discussed how technology could be used in a safe and efficient way (something which we have also written about previously).

On the opening day of the show one of our founders, Vinay Patel, was invited to take part in the panel discussion on ‘Campaigning for Care Workers’ on the keynote stage.  The expert panel discussed what needs to be done to get care workers the recognition they deserve. Vinay was able to use his experience as a provider of care services to add a unique perspective to the discussion. Vinay said, “We need to re-invest in our workforce. You need to look after your staff, your staff will look after your residents. We invest heavily in rewards, recognition, and wellbeing programmes to ensure that our team feels valued, rewarded and well supported. We’re making the money that they get paid go a longer way.”

Another of our founders, Alex Plenty, created a ‘shout out’ video about PredicAire. Watch what Alex had to say about PredicAire: My ShoutOut video

UK Care Week was the first time that PredicAire has exhibited, and it was a huge success. A significant number of people stopped at our stand to have a short demonstration of the software. It was wonderful to have met people who have the same vision as us and loved what we are doing as well as potential collaborators and leaders in the sector.

A big thank you to the organisers of UK Care Week for the fantastic week.

If you were unable to attend UK Care Week, or did not manage to speak with us whilst you were at the show, you can still arrange a demonstration of PredicAire. Simply get in touch with our amazing team at

Our New Business Development Executive

The Founders of PredicAire have announced a key appointment to its business development team.

Linda Copley has extensive experience of the care sector, having worked in a variety of care roles from 1994. She began working for care management software providers in 2005 and has now joined PredicAire as a Business Development Executive.

Ketan Shah, Co-Founder of PredicAire, said, “We are delighted to welcome Linda to the PredicAire team. Her many years of experience in the care sector, both frontline and with software providers, will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow our client base.”

Linda Copley said, “I am excited to join PredicAire, and look forward to playing a part in the company’s continued success.”

PredicAire is a Finalist in the Health Investor Awards 2022

The founders of PredicAire are delighted to announce that we are a Finalist in the prestigious Health Investor Awards 2022 in the category of ‘IT Innovator of the Year’.

The judges were looking for ‘outstanding examples within the health investment community of using technology in novel ways to improve efficiency, drive user engagement and create maximum alignment between digital development and business goals’. We are confident that PredicAire meets these requirements, and the judges have recognised this too.

We will now attend the Awards Ceremony on 8th June at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, and are looking forward to meeting our fellow finalists.

Ketan Shah, Founder and Managing Director of PredicAire, said, “PredicAire has been several years in the making, from our initial idea to bringing the product to market. We are thrilled and honoured that our efforts have been recognised by the organisers of the Health Investor Awards.”

PredicAire - The Journey So Far

As we near the end of 2021, we wanted to look back on the year and what we have achieved during these unprecedented and ever-changing times.

It’s fair to say that no-one in either the care or technology sectors could have foreseen at the beginning of 2020 how the following two years would unfold. Yet what has been a time of great challenge for the care sector in particular has also proved to be a time of great opportunity – to embrace new ways of working, and with it, new technology.

As 2020 began our founders had already begun making plans to bring a holistic care management system to the market, and in early 2021 their vision was realised as PredicAire was launched and is now actively used amongst care providers. It came as a welcome surprise seeing how quickly the care sector moved towards digitalisation. Our idea put us ahead of the curve and meant that we were ready to offer care providers a complete care home management system under a single data ecosystem.

Changes which may have seemed a long way off at the beginning of 2020, but which are now common practice in the sector, include:

  1. A move towards more flexible and responsive regulation by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), including more data being requested electronically,
  2. Greater use of technology to facilitate virtual communication with family and friends,
  3. Increased interoperability between social care and healthcare.

All of these changes are easily facilitated through PredicAire and, as the trend is being seen to be adopted as standard practice, PredicAire enables care providers to introduce a single system which meets the needs of their staff, residents, visiting professionals, families, and inspectors.

PredicAire is on a continuous journey to improve and enhance, and one of the latest features to be introduced is the ‘Hospital Passport’, released in November 2021.  The Hospital Passport enables a care home to provide a comprehensive set of key information about a resident at a touch of a button, and this has already proven to assist paramedics  when the resident is about to be taken to hospital, without staff scrambling to collate it – saving several valuable minutes for everyone.

PredicAire was founded with the key aim of predicting and preventing unnecessary outcomes, and this is achieved through its unique use of Artificial Intelligence (Ai).
During the year we have been introducing ourselves and PredicAire to the market and have taken part in several online events, including a Tech East ‘Tea and Toast’ session and a webisode on “Tech-Enabled Care” hosted by the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo.

We were also very proud that one of our founders, Vinay Patel, was named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech for 2021.

Our team continues to grow. Rob Hammond has recently joined our Advisory Board, but we aren’t stopping there. We are actively looking for individuals passionate about care and technology to join us on our growth journey re-imagining the delivery of care.

As we look forward to 2022, we’re excited to see where the PredicAire journey takes us next. If you would like to join us and see what PredicAire can do for your care business, please contact us to arrange a demo.

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The founders of PredicAire have announced a key appointment to its Advisory Board.

Rob Hammond is a senior social care professional with extensive experience in running care homes for two large corporate providers. In a career spanning over twenty years, Rob has undertaken a variety of roles starting from being a Carer to becoming a Home Manager, and Regional Manager to Director of Operations. In addition to working within nursing, residential and dementia care settings and services, he has also worked within quality assurance and home inspections.  Rob now runs his own business supporting independent care providers achieve an ‘outstanding’ regulatory position.

Ketan Shah, Co-Founder of PredicAire, said, “We are delighted that Rob has agreed to join PredicAire as a Board Advisor. His knowledge and experience of the care sector will be invaluable to us as PredicAire grows.”

Rob Hammond said, “Having spent many years in the sector, I felt the time was right to share my experience in a different way. I am honoured to have been invited to join PredicAire in this role, and look forward to playing a part in the company’s exciting journey.”


During August we participated in a webisode on 'Tech-Enabled Care' hosted by the Dementia, Care and Nursing Home Expo. If you didn't manage to watch it, it is available on our YouTube channel:  Digital Series - Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo 2021 - Expand, evolve and innovate (


One of the founders of PredicAire has been named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech for 2021.

Vinay Patel spent 18 years as a Barrister before joining the social care sector as a care provider in 2013. Earlier this year he and his co-founders launched PredicAire after identifying the limitations of the care management systems available on the market. Early clients are already benefitting from the holistic solution it provides.

Vinay said, “I am honoured to have been included in this prestigious group. PredicAire has been several years in development but I truly believe that it can transform care management and lead to better outcomes for residents. This is a reward in itself.”

July 2021

Interview with Ketan Shah, Co-Founder and Director at Care Company: PredicAire

Care homes provide a vital service to the most vulnerable in society, however, Social Care provision is still largely paper-based, labour intensive and prone to failures. Seismic changes in the sector, along with exponentially costly delivery of care to an ageing population, put providers under extreme pressure to deliver high quality, affordable care. 

Read the full interview

PredicAire takes first steps into Care Market

Technology in social care is changing, and new entrant PredicAire is at the forefront of the revolution.

An ageing population and funding challenges have placed social care providers under pressure to deliver the required care for residents at an ever-rising cost. Many providers have begun to use Technology Enabled Care in some form, but not all of their facility is digitalised.

In early 2019, PredicAire’s founders identified the need for a holistic software system in the care sector, which saw the birth of PredicAire - the first comprehensive care management system fully powered by Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

The founders have experienced both sides of care provision and use their knowledge to inform and test the features of PredicAire, which will ensure better outcomes for everyone. The single sign on system, under one eco system, includes modules for care planning, admin, maintenance, staffing, and accounts, as well as the first-ever ‘virtual nurse’, powered by Ai.

PredicAire is being launched in two Suffolk-based homes run by KRG Healthcare this month, and will then be available to all care providers in early 2021. The two homes are a residential and a nursing home, giving PredicAire the opportunity to gain feedback from both types of care facility.

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PredicAire’s first client is a six-time finalist at the Great British Care Awards.

KRG Healthcare, whose two care homes will be the first to use the groundbreaking PredicAire system, has reached the finals of the Great British Care Awards in no less than 6 categories.

The organisation is a finalist in:

the ‘Care Employer’ category;

Care home Manor Farm has finalists in the categories of ‘Frontline Leader’ and ‘Care Home Cook/Chef’;

Lound Hall Nursing Home has three finalists in the ‘Registered Manager’, ‘Good Nurse’, and ‘Care Team’ categories.

Ketan Shah, one of the founders of PredicAire, said, “We would like to congratulate everyone at KRG Healthcare for this truly wonderful achievement. Having worked closely with the organisation over recent months we know that their mission to provide outstanding care matches ours, to give care providers the required affordable technology they need to deliver the best care possible. We wish them luck at the forthcoming Awards ceremony.”